SQUASHTECH is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of WSF-certified squash, rackquetball, ricochet, cubeball and padel courts. 

We offer comprehensive services in the construction of squash facilities, from the design phase, through installation, to the commissioning of the investment with an occupancy permit, as well as servicing and renovation of courts made with a variety of systems.

Modern technology, professional service, experience, timeliness and high quality of our services guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

SQUASHTECH is a family-owned company, present on the Polish market since 2008. The company’s headquarters are located in London, while the production and design department is located in Krakow. One of SQUASHTECH’s strategic initiatives is to develop in emerging markets, so the Polish market has been given the status of a key market.

We have our own design and production facilities, so we can implement innovative technologies and novel solutions. We are extremely flexible and can meet difficult and unusual customer requirements.

Our priority is the high level of services provided. Thanks to the reliability and comprehensiveness of our offer, we have developed a strong position in the industry and the trust of investors. In the course of several years of activity we have made more than 200 courts all over Poland, thanks to which we have significantly contributed to the development of squash throughout the country. The dynamic development of the company testifies to the trust our customers have in us.

Courts on offer


Designed to meet the needs

A standard squash court has distinctive features and dimensions in accordance with international standards set by the World Squash Federation (WSF).


Top quality

The premium court is a sports product of the highest quality, providing excellent playing and comfort conditions for professional athletes and amateurs alike.


Ideal for the youngest

The coloured squash court is an innovative approach that brings visual and aesthetic elements to the playing surface.


Full versatility

A hybrid court combines features of different sports or uses innovative technologies.


Class and safety

A fully glazed squash court is a special type of court in which both the side, front and back walls are made of glass. This is a modern approach that brings unique visual and aesthetic elements to the game.


Prepared for all conditions

The outdoor squash court, also known as an outdoor court, has been specifically designed to be placed outdoors, making it possible to play outdoors.


Mixed reality

The interactive squash court is a modern innovation that uses technology to enhance the playing experience.

Components of our production

Wall panels


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